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Český Ráj, Czech Republic

In the North of the Czech Republic lies the lands of Český Ráj. Covering most of Northeastern areas of the ancient kingdom of Bohemia, Czech people flock to this area for fun and relaxation in Nature, as there are more forests and castles in this region than anywhere else in the Czech Republic. One can find picturesque chateaus, such as Sychrov and Mnichovo Hradiště; smaller, more stately homes, such as Valdštejn; royal ancient fortifications, such as Kost; and crumbling, yet noble medieval ruins, such as Trosky.  Truly the era of Kings, Dukes, Knights, and chivalry never seems more than a heartbeat away.

Adding to this magic, the traveler can find many storybook wooden, farm house cottages dotting the landscape which hearken back to an earlier, more beautiful era. One can imagine Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White coming to life in these quaint, fairy-tale like surroundings.

Whether it is sight seeing, cycling, hiking, or mushrooming (a very popular Czech pastime), the visitor will feel themselves transported to an almost magical land of stunning beauty allowing themselves to truly learn the meaning of peace and relaxation. Having experienced it first hand, the name says it all…Český Ráj, or Czech (Bohemian) Paradise.