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Görlitz, Germany

“The Hollywood of the Neisse”, or Görlitz as it is known, is a beautiful town located on the Polish border and nestled in the rolling Saxon hills in Eastern Germany. While it’s history has been bloody and the city has played host to tyrannical leaders such as Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, Görlitz was spared the Allied bombings of the Second World War. As a result, the city center is almost completely intact, comprised of late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque period buildings. While, in many adjacent neighborhoods, magnificent 19th century residences line the cobble-stoned streets. The mix of various architectural styles meshes together seamlessly creating stunning surroundings for the tourist to take in.

If one walks through the city center on a sunny day, the sun seems to dance playfully across the nearly perfect façades of the varied colored houses. The dancing sun causes the most stunning effect when the traveling explorer experiences the contrast of the light and shadows in every centimeter of his view. Perhaps a better nickname for this breathtaking city should be “The City of Light and Shadows”. This jewel on the River Neisse will delight even the most ardent traveler and this, coupled with the many plazas and parks, make Görlitz a treasure to discover.