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Madrid, Spain

While many people visit Spain every year, most prefer going to the more European City of Barcelona. However, for the traveller looking for a uniquely “Spanish Experience” Madrid is the destination for you. Large Plazas full of people drinking coffee empty out onto bustling streets packed with shoppers and people taking el paseo, or the gentle stroll that is so uniquely Spanish. No one ever gets in a hurry, as mañana is the favorite word of most Madrileños. In the evening, dinner is around 11 or 12pm and people go out for delicious Tapas in several neighborhood bars, each specializing in one dish. After, everyone spills out into the streets once again for their evening paseo. Old women show their little grandchildren off to all their friends, boys try to impress their girls through their football skills, and old men casually walk around the plazas in groups, hands behind their backs, talking about the glory days of long past. All in all Madrid is everything good about European Culture, while having a distincly Spanish flair that will have the traveller making plans to revisit Madrid and Spain when they have to leave this small piece of paradise.