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Písek, Czech Republic

Founded in the Twelfth Century C.E. , Písek lies in South-western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The city literally breaths and exudes history from every building, castle, church, house, and bridge within its Medieval City Centre. One of the most popular attractions in this city is the Kamenný most, or Stone Bridge, built in the Thirteenth Century.  (It is the oldest bridge in the Czech Republic and the second oldest in Central Europe.)  Walking across this historic bridge instantly transports the traveler back to the times of the Bohemian Kings of old. One can imagine knights, warriors, and damsels casually strolling across the bridge on their way to the Royal Court, located for a time in the Písek Castle, which has survived the ravishes of time largely intact and preserved in Velké náměstí, or The Big Square.  From the several Historic Churches to the many parks spread across the city, Písek will delight the visitor and proudly display the best that this part of Bohemia and the Czech Republic has to offer.