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Prague, Czech Republic

Praga mater urbium.  This one phrase says it all. Prague truly is the mother of the world.  It has been described by many phrases…”The Golden City”…”The City of 1000 Spires”…”A Fairy Tale City”.

This city is indeed a magical place packed with countless historical sights, ancient buildings, and spectacular monuments beckoning for the beholder to allow himself to be transported back to a nobler and more chivalrous time of knights in shining armor, beautiful maidens, and fire-breathing dragons. Around every corner one expects to find brave men jousting, the clay Golem defending his Jewish masters, or St. George slaying a mighty dragon.

Prague has so much to see and discover that it is hard to comprehend how so much history, beauty, and majesty could be contained in one single special and unique city.  Although it goes by many different names and is know by its many titles, the one that best describes Prague for me is home.