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Tennessee, USA

“The Volunteer State” of Tennessee is by far one of the most unique and beautiful states in the United States of America. Positioned in the Southeastern US, this State lies between the mighty Mississippi River in the West and the Majestic Appalachian Mountains in the East. While Tennessee is best known around the world for Country Music and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, there is so much more to discover about this culturally rich State. Beginning in the West with the Mississippi River areas, Western Tennessee is home to the Rhythm and Blues of Memphis, Reelfoot Lake (a lake created by a rare earthquake in the early 1800’s), and countless cotton plantations whose fields shine as white as the new fallen snow during the harvest. Many famous people, such as Aretha Franklin, Morgan Freeman, Elvis Presley, and Justin Timberlake, called Western Tennessee home.

The flat lands of the west give way to the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Here through its numerous Antebellum Plantation Homes and Confederate Cemeteries, one can feel as if the days of the Confederacy are still upon them as they can envision Southern Belles in their flowing gowns and Southern Gentlemen escorting the elegant women to the barbecue at the neighboring plantation. This history is best enshrined in Nashville, the capitol of the State of Tennessee.  Nashville, with its legendary Grand Ole’ Opera, has delighted listeners to the sounds of Country Music for decades, while playing host to a plethora of perfectly preserved Antebellum Homes and Churches nestled alongside beautifully maintained parks. 

The rolling hills of Middle Tennessee soon guide the traveller to the Crown of the State, the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee. All one must do is to look at the sheer majesty of these beautiful mountains to appreciate Nature in all its glory. No where can this be appreciated more than in Cades Cove, which is a famous valley surrounded by towering mountains. This valley holds the houses and settlements of the early pioneers which crossed the mountains from North Carolina and Virginia in the early 1800’s. Their preserved  homes beckon one to remember the days gone past of the founding and early expansions of the United States by pioneers in covered wagons as they traversed the perilous mountain dirt roads to make a new life for themselves with the promise of better days in the lands beyond the mountainous barrier. History truly comes alive in the minds of the visitor. Even further south of Cades Cove in Monore and Loudon Counties can one appreciate more spectacular views of the Appalachian Mountains that are on display for the explorer.

All in all, Tennessee offers the traveller more to discover than mere historical sites. It gives one the opportunity to see wonders that are unique to this beautiful state. For the many people calling Tennessee home, they will spread their arms open wide to welcome the visitor into their homeland. This welcoming spirit will take the traveller and cause one to immediately plan their next trip to see more wonders of the remarkable state of Tennessee.